CV Tools

A Smart Resume Writer Welcome

Welcome to Smart Resume Writer. Here we will be providing you with tonnes of tips and advice that will help you to create a CV that employers will love. We’ll be covering;

  • Some great tools that help you create a resume that really pops. With tips for Word, Power Point, Publisher, Illustrator and even selecting great CV writers, there will be tools for all abilities to take advantage of
  • Content, content, content! There will be lots of great advice on what should (and most definitely shouldn’t!) be included in your resume
  • Guidance to help you select the right CV style for the right purpose and level. Be it a career change, a promotion, getting back in the game or a newbie to the job world we will have some great guidance on how to create a CV that will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Background knowledge that you need to know to stay one step ahead in the job search game. This will include things like why you need a CV, what role it plays in the recruitment process and how to ensure that your CV links in with your social brand (so making sure things like your social media is on point, your documents, history, background checks and so forth are all in order), so you are one step ahead when it does get to the next stage in the recruitment process

To start us off on the Smart Resume Writer journey, here is a cool tutorial for a classic and professional looking CV template made in Adobe Illustrator…